Selected Publications


"At 30" "my mother is famed to have pushed the car back up hill—"
"this is how one floats, on the back, hijo—"  — The Gravity of the Thing

“On Beauty” and “Trout Poem #7”  — The Fourth River

“The Girl Ran Wild”  — Stateside, Michigan Radio

“My Brother Opens the Ground with Sky” — Alaska Quarterly Review (print)

“Things That Mean Surrender” — YEW: A Journal of Innovative Writing & Images by Women

“Halve This” — Lunch Ticket

“The Patty Pans Are In, The Zucchinis, The Red and Yellow Onions” — Oaken Transformations Sculpture Garden, Brighton, MI

“Faggot Dinosaurs” and “The Thing Is” — Calyx (print)

“Night vision” and “Morning Devotion” — Iraq Literary Review (print)

“What The Mouth Means” — Foothill (print)